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Controlled dosing - each pump is measured

Why MIT Quick?


High potency food grade kratom extract means less dosing for more impact.


Milligrams packed into every ten milliliter bottle!


Active MIT in every pump for perfectly controlled dosing.


Guaranteed customer support response time within one day.

Kurt Massinello

MIT Quick fits perfectly into my daily lifestyle with controlled dosing.

Kurt Massinello

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MIT QUICK (70% Kratom Extract)

Technologically advanced bio-availability. This brand new delivery system packs 1400mg into every 10mL bottle for maximum impact and a perfectly controlled dose. Every. Time.

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Formulation Technology

The Herbal-Mizer Formulation Technology is a patent pending technology designed to change the dynamics of molecular degradation and poor macro absorption.

This formulation technology utilizes a proprietary emulsion system that combines oils, water and an emulsive agent along with the herbal supplement. This emulsion is designed to stabilize the herbal supplement in the emulsion formula protecting it from degradation by the stomach enzymes.

Further, because the emulsion contains oils and water adjusted to a specific ph, the nutritional supplement can be rapidly absorbed through the stomach without degradation. This allows for an efficient uptake of the supplement enhancing potential health benefits. Take less feel more.

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